The world's first truly automated tool for writing perfect job adverts.

Recruiters live in a very noisy world.

Getting the best people to find and apply to jobs they’re managing can be tough. There are huge numbers of jobs posted at any one time, all competing for the same person you’re after. Who in turn probably won’t look past page 1 of a job search.

This is really bad for agency owners.

Recruitment agencies are now finding it much harder and more expensive to reach and connect with their perfect hires. The old ways of advertising just aren’t working anymore. As a result, agencies’ job adverts are not getting found, let alone applied to, and roles you’d normally fill are going unfilled. Money is being left on the table.

So… what are agencies supposed to do?

To break through the noise and chaos, rank towards the top of page one of a job search, and to get more of the right people seeing their adverts, recruiters need to master the two superpowers of recruitment advertising: structure and content. But recruiters have got busy schedules managing lots of processes, so haven’t got the time to master anything new…

With AdBuilder, everything changes

AdBuilder gives recruiters the ability to quickly create brilliant, fully-optimised job adverts that will rank towards the top of any job search. This impacts everything, from the number of roles filled, to revenue generated and huge time savings, and everything in between. In our chaotic world of filling job vacancies, whoever ranks highest most consistently, wins. Those who use AdBuilder will attract the best candidates first.

The AdBuilder Process

Creating your job adverts in AdBuilder is really easy. It just takes three small steps:


Answer a series of questions about:
• The role
• The perfect hire
• The hiring company

Generate and tweak

Once you’ve answered all the questions, four versions of your advert are created. You pick the most suitable version for your vacancy and tweak the final output.


When you’re happy, hit the copy button and publish your advert to your favoured job board or multi-poster.

AdBuilder provides an unfair advantage, changing the destiny of a recruitment agency for good.

Our track record

We’ve helped thousands of recruitment agencies fill hundreds of thousands of roles that would ordinarily go unfilled, generating huge increases in revenue whilst saving them significant chunks of day.

One great example is Coburg Banks…

job adverts

“Make no mistake about it, AdBuilder is a game-changer for recruitment advertising. We’re an experienced recruitment agency and because of AdBuilder, we’ve reduced the amount of time it takes us to write job adverts by over 80%. And the adverts it creates are better than guys who have worked in recruitment for years.”
Mark Wilkinson
Managing Director, Coburg Banks

Want more?

We’ve proven AdBuilder with many recruitment agencies.

If AdBuilder sounds interesting to you and you want to explore it further, you can try it for 14 days for free.

Alternatively, if you want a full demo of how it works, click here.

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