We're changing the way companies and recruitment agencies attract new hires.

Writing great, bespoke job adverts that are fully inclusive, rank highly and get great people applying is a time consuming, tedious and difficult job. AdBuilder is here to make that process easy and quick.

About AdBuilder

What we do.

AdBuilder is a tool that automates the process of writing job adverts. Yep, that’s a bit of a mouthful, but putting it more succinctly:

We make writing incredible job adverts ridiculously easy.

Whether you’re an experienced recruiter in a prestigious recruitment agency or a direct employer looking to save some money, AdBuilder will help you realise efficiencies and productivity that you never thought possible.

AdBuilder allows recruitment agencies to quickly and easily create consistent job adverts that sky-rockets their ROI, and gives direct employers a fighting chance of being able to source incredible people for their roles and reduce their cost-per-hire.

You could call us a tech startup. The new kid of the recruitment block that wants to shake things up. Whatever name you might have for us, one thing is clear: how companies recruit is going to change forever.

Why we do it.

Our background is in recruitment. Specifically the owning of several recruitment agencies since 2002. And in honesty, the standard of adverts that our consultants produced was inconsistent, unprofessional and generally terrible.

We tried cookie-cutter templates which they were ‘meant’ to follow, but were ignored. People are creatures of habit and revert to type. It didn’t matter that we’d spent years devising advertising templates that we knew worked really well – our guys decided to plot their own paths. Unsuccessfully.

Writing a good advert from scratch also takes an age, and in our experience, is an excuse to hide behind rather than doing other work.

In our book, none of that was OK.

So, rather than fire everyone and start again (which was an option one cold Wednesday afternoon in mid December some years back) we decided to build a solution to our problem. A solution where our guys could churn out consistent, brilliant and fully optimised job adverts in less than 10 minutes.

And at that point, AdBuilder was born.

It was only ever intended to be used internally for us, but it worked that well that when we showed it to some recruitment peers they were desperate to get a version of it.

Initially it was just a tool for recruitment agencies. To boost their productivity and enable the little guy to compete with the recruitment behemoths out there.

But as the tool grew in popularity we had more and more requests from direct employers for a version of their own. So we built it.

About AdBuilder

How we created it.

This was the tricky bit. Specifically creating questions that forced the user to answer them in a way which then slotted into our advert templates in a natural way, to make the final advert better than if you’d created the advert from scratch yourself.

It took a huge amount of dedication, development, refining and testing to get to the point we’re at today (2 years’ worth in fact), but we got there.

Our self-belief was driven by a need to create something that worked for us, that solved our problem. But in turn that means we understand your problem, because we’ve been there and experienced it.

With every iteration of AdBuilder the question we asked ourselves was “how could we make it better?”

Now as we move the business forward, we’re guided by our core values that keep our feet grounded and our focus locked on providing a tool that offers immense value for any type of company that needs to recruit in the English speaking world.

Our core values.

See how AdBuilder will transform your business.

Fill more roles first time around, and take the pain, hassle and hours out of writing job adverts. Free up your time, level up the playing field and make your team more productive than it’s ever been before.

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